October 2010 Photo Hunt

I’m going to be honest up front.  I missed one item on this month’s list.  I didn’t even have anything in my archives to pull out.  I guess I just don’t do creepy!  Hope you enjoy the other 19 photos I captured this month!

1: In Disguise

2: Crisp

3: Fall Colors

4: Jack O’Lantern

5: Shot from the GroundI must say that I really love this new concept of shooting from the ground.  I played with this technique all month and had a really hard time selecting just one photo to use.  Maybe I should have a post devoted completely to this angle and share my shots with you!

6: A Landscape

7: A Fall Tradition

8: Books

9: Dining

10: Child/Children

11: Faces Formed in NatureIf you need helping find this one…the long part at the bottom…think of as a snout, with a nose and mouth. The two knots at the top are eyes.  Do you see it?

12: Tilt-Shift Photography

13: Black & White with Selective Coloring

14: Bokeh

15: Best Photo Taken October 23

16: Something from the Kitchen

17: Something Vintage

19: Something Golden

20: A Self-Portrait

I don’t like traditional self-portraits, so this is what you get!  🙂

Be sure to stop by Photo Hunt Challenges and see the other entries – and then come back throughout November to vote for your favorites!


10.31.10 Photo Challenges

Two different challenges for today…

First up is the Scripture & A Snapshot challenge.  Rather than thinking of a verse and then trying to take a photo to go with it, I decided to look through the photos I have taken this week and see what jumped out at me. Here’s the result:

Next up is The Moments in Between. This week’s theme is Where You Live. This is my sister’s house…where I live right now. Again, I used Pioneer Woman’s actions for this one and I really like that old feel. It reminds me of photos of houses from back when my parents were kids.

H is for…

Yep, it’s time for another Alphabet themed photo shoot!

H is for HALLELUJAH (October 26, 2010)

H is for HALLOWEEN (October 30, 2010)

H is for HARVEST (October 30, 2010 – Tanaka Farms in Irvine, CA)

H is for HEALTHY (October 30, 2010 – Tanaka Farms in Irvine, CA)

H is for HOME (October 27, 2010 – Chicken Pie Shop in Anaheim, CA)

What makes you feel more at home than a bowl of chicken noodle soup (especially this yummy version!)?

See you next week for the letter “I.”  I’m sure it will be interesting because pretty much nothing is coming to mind!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10.31.10

I’m frantically trying to get all my images edited for all of the stuff I want to post tomorrow.  I’m going to be away from my computer pretty much all day because of work in the morning and our Trunk or Treat event at church in the evening.  It’s going to be a long day, but I think it will be a fun day too (if I’m not actually getting sick again, like I feel like I am!).

Anyway, on to the photos for this week…

1: My TownThis is the back of my parking permit that allows me to park on the street at my sister’s house, where we are living right now. I don’t actually use it all that often, but it’s representative of my “town.” (I would classify Anaheim as more of a city rather than a town)

2: VintageThis is another shot from Whitney’s wedding last weekend.  I actually applied two of the Pioneer Woman’s actions to this shot…Old West and Seventies (both at 50%).  I love that Whitney’s entire wedding was pretty much vintage, including the buttons she had added to the back of her dress!

3: Tilt-ShiftThis one was a struggle for me.  I had to pull a photo from a couple weeks ago because I had nothing that was working.  I still don’t feel like this is exactly what it’s supposed to look like, but hopefully the other shot I’m saving for the October Scavenger Hunt turns out better!

4: Dress UpAnother wedding shot.  It’s really the only thing I had that fit “dress up” since tomorrow is Halloween and I haven’t seen anyone actually dressed up for Halloween yet!

5: ChocolatePart of my job for Trunk or Treat was to collect the candy that was donated by church members. I shot this photo last week as we were loading all of the donations into the wagon to take to the place where we were storing all of the goodies!

See you again next week…and look for my October Scavenger Hunt photos on Monday, along with some fun new things going on in the month of November (it’ll be a busy month!).

Anniversary Weekend No. 1 – San Diego

The first part of our anniversary weekend (John’s plans) included a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  You can “read” about it here and here.

We spent the night in Del Mar and then headed down to Balboa Park on Sunday.  We spent most of our time walking around the center of the park where most of the “attractions” are, taking photos.

After our first stop at the visitor’s information center, we went over to the Botanical Building where there were all kinds of flowers and plants.  I went on a photo snapping spree in there!

John found this huge leaf on the ground and thought it would make a good fan.

This is the exterior of the Botanical Building.

Our next stop was the Model Railroad Museum, John’s most anticipated stop.  I thought it was kind of neat, but John REALLY enjoyed it.  He think he’s going to be building one in our future house.  Can we choose a less expensive and less invasive hobby, please? 🙂

The rest of our walk along El Prado included stops at various gardens (I think there are like 14 different gardens throughout the park).

Our final stop at Balboa Park was the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.  Every Sunday afternoon, there is an hour-long concert, so most of the time we were there, we could hear the organ in the background.  After the concert, they let people actually go up and see the organ, fairly up-close.  I can’t remember the stats, but I think this organ is like one of the 10 largest in the US or something like that.  There was a list on the wall in the stairwell up to see the pipes that included all of the organs larger than it – and the second one on the list was the organ at the Crystal Cathedral (where I work), so while it was cool to see this organ, I’ve definitely been around much larger ones!

After Balboa Park, we drove over to Coronado and ended up heading south on the small isthmus that connects the “Island” to the southern part of San Diego.  There was a small park there where we walked long the beach until it was time to start driving back home (and eating dinner).

Sidenote: I love this photo.  I want to print it and frame it and hang it somewhere in my future house.  Maybe even get it printed on canvas.

We ended up stopping for dinner at Karl Strauss in Del Mar where John had a burger meal that had beer infused in pretty much every item that was on his plate!  He was a happy camper!

I had one of their specialty mac-n-cheeses (they have like 5 different choices, many of them rather unusual). If you’ve never been there, I recommend going sometime!

We then drove home, and thankfully didn’t hit too much traffic (though what we did hit through northern San Diego County was horrible!).  We had 3 very happy kitties waiting for us, along with my sister’s dog and 2 cats who were semi-glad to see us (my sister was on a 2-week vacation at the same time, so they weren’t very happy she was still gone).

So, there’s our first weekend celebration!  Next we’re heading up north to San Francisco!  See you back here soon for more on that adventure!

Flashback Friday: Halloween

In seeing everyone’s old Halloween photos, I just had to jump in on the fun.  I’m glad I scanned all those old photos last year before the wedding.  Sorting through digital photos is so much easier than hardcopies!

The first photo is from when I was in Kindergarten.  I was convinced I was going to be a ballerina when I grew up (I was taking dance lessons at the time…in fact, through fourth grade).  I’m not sure why I wasn’t so happy in this photo, maybe it was the beginning of my dislike for the holiday.  The dressing up and candy is fun, but I could do without all the rest of the scary, gory stuff.

Next set of photos is the next year, first grade.  I wanted to be a cat (my favorite animal at the time), so I was a pink cat, complete with pink footie-pajamas, headband ears and a tail in the back.  In the first photo, I’m holding my entry for our school-wide pumpkin carving contest.  If I remember correctly, those chose one winner from each class and then those were judged for an over-all school winner.

The other thing I remember that year about Halloween is that it was the day right before make-up picture day.  My first photos were horrible, so we had planned to do retakes…until I rubbed my nose raw getting the lipstick nose off my face from my cat costume.  Oops!  Pink lipstick…pink skin…give the 6-year-old a break!  It’s hard to tell the difference!

I’m pretty sure this next photo is from second grade, but it might be third (don’t worry, I don’t have one from every year).  I actually won the pumpkin carving contest at school that year – yes, the school-wide prize!  I think I actually won tickets to Disneyland!  One other year I made a Rocky pumpkin that was on a motor that spun in circles while the Rocky victory music played (I have my Dad to thank for that!).

Now we’re skipping ahead a bit to freshman year in high school (I have no idea if there are photos of Halloweens between third and ninth grade…I know I was a camera one year and Princess Leia on year in junior high).  I was on the cross country team that year (I hated running cross country!).  We had an invitational meet the weekend before and since I hadn’t come up with any brilliant costume yet, I put on my warm-ups (it was cold that year) and the participant medal I received and that’s was my costume!  Again, I can’t remember why I was not in a good mood – probably being a typical 14-year-old not wanting mom to take more photos!  Oh, and that’s my brother and sister in the photo with me!

Well, that’s all the embarrassing photos of me for this week.  Be sure to head over and check out other Flashback photos!

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Perceptive Perspective: Fall

I gotta do this quick since the linky closes in just 30 minutes (nothing like procrastinating!).  I almost didn’t enter because I didn’t really think I had any good “Fall” photos because there are so many great shots of leaves changing colors…and well…Southern California doesn’t have tress that change colors.  We don’t really have seasons either…it’s either Hot, Super Hot, or Not Hot.

Anyway, I was looking through some photos from the wedding I went to last weekend and saw this photo of the dirt road we drove in on as the yummy afternoon light was seeping through the trees.  Then I decided I may as well use this opportunity to play with some actions I downloaded last night (I’d tell you which ones they are, but honestly, I’m not sure because I was trying out so many of them just to see what they’d do.  I’ll do better at keeping track next time!).

So, here you go!

For more Fall Fun, head on over (quick!)Photobucket