10.03.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I wasn’t sure I would be able to post this until later tonight, but I always wake up earlier than my husband on the weekends, so I figure I’d let him sleep longer and I’d do some blogging.  I’m typing this from the comfort of the king bed (we gotta get one of these!) in our hotel room at the Hampton Inn in Del Mar after a long day at the Wild Animal Park yesterday (post coming soon…be patient though, I’ve got over 500 photos to sort through) to celebrate our one year anniversary (the actual day is Monday, 10-4).

Okay, so on to the photos!

#1: GoldenOn Tuesday we got to go to the last night game at Angel Stadium – in a suite!  Next year, the team is celebrating its golden anniversary, but they’ve unveiled some signage to get the hype up at the end of a non-playoff season (the first in four years).

#2: SmellI know an elephant’s trunk is used for things other than smell, but I’m pretty sure they still smell out of them too!  At the Wild Animal Park, this mama elephant was trying to find something good to eat up on the ledge of their enclosure.

#3: FruitAs of last night, I didn’t have any fruit shots, so when we stopped at Vons to get some strawberries to have with the champagne (Sparking Cider for me…gotta keep the body baby-ready), I snapped a few shots.  Total side note: Does anyone else feel awkward taking photos in the grocery store?

#4: SimpleThis might be a stretch, but stick with me.  This is Gawain.  The past couple of days, I’ve woken up with her curled up under the sheet on John’s side of the bed…with her head out like in this photo.  Have you ever noticed how SIMPLE a life cats have?

#5: SportsHere’s another one from the Angels game on Tuesday.  The dugout watching the game.

That’s it for today!  See you again next Sunday!


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