E is for…

When I first started thinking about what I could use for the letter “E” this week, the only thing that came to my mind was EGGS.  Then, when it came time to edit the images for this post, I started looking through the photos I have shot over the past week and was surprised to find I actually had 5 different shots (which is my goal each week).

E is for EGGS (October 2, 2010 – San Diego Zoo Safari Park AKA Wild Animal Park)These are ostrich eggs we saw on the Journey into Africa tour (the one that’s free with admission).  It’s not the greatest shot since I’m without my my mom’s zoom lens since she’s on a 2-week long vacation to the East Coast and took it with her.  I must say it’s been quite the challenge to shot what I want to with my 18-55 mm and/or John’s “zoom” lens that goes up to 135 mm.

E is for EGRET (October 2, 2010 – San Diego Zoo Safari Park)While I love this photo, I am super excited to share another one I shot just seconds later.  But I’m saving it for another challenge coming up soon, so be sure to come back and visit to see it!

E is for ELEPHANT (October 2, 2010 – San Diego Zoo Safari Park)I could spend hours watching the elephants.  They are such cool animals.  Plus, there was a baby elephant there that was just so adorable (photos coming soon)!

E is for EMPTY (September 29, 2010)I mentioned that my mom took her lens with her on her vacation.  It makes for a much lighter camera bag.  I really need to get a zoom lens of my own with how much I use it!

E is for EYE (October 2, 2010 – San Diego Zoo Safari Park)This was probably the closest that I got to an animal all day (a plus with the aforementioned lens situation).  It’s actually the eye of a big horned sheep who was chilling in the shade (it was a HOT day), which happened to be right next to the fence.

Well, there it is…all about the letter E.  It’s late and I need to get to bed so we can go to Disneyland tomorrow…I can finally get my “Happy Anniversary” button!  Hope everyone has a great week!

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