10.10.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m all out of words this morning, so here’s the photos!

#1: Pink

#2: BooksOkay, so it’s only one book…it’s all I had with me this weekend!

#3: Fall ColorsWe don’t really have fall here in Southern California, so when I saw these peppers last weekend in Balboa Park, I shot them with this scavenger hunt item in mind. These are fall colors, displayed in not so ‘fall’ way.

#4: LeafThese leaves fascinated me. I have never seen leaves with this much color in them before!

#5: Orange


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  1. Stopping by from Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  2. Wow! I’m glad you participated this week! I think I’m in love with your leaf picture!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful. I know how you feel about being out of words…I feel the exact same way. Must mean it’s time for a nap! Have a great week.

  4. all great and that is the best book to read.

  5. your fall peppers are so bright and really make a person feel fall-ish.

  6. GREAT shots. They were all so good I don’t know which one to pick out and rave about. I do like the pinks in that leaf.

    I’m in the SD area too. I know what you mean about finding fall colors. If you ever need to do flower shots there’s a cute place in Flinn Springs called Summer’s Past. It’s an awesome little place. Sort of a secret. They have a website too.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We don’t actually live down in SD. We were just visiting for the weekend. We live up in the OC area, but it sounds like a cool place we’ll have to check out sometime!

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