#42: John’s Anniversary Gift

John loved his anniversary gift and there is a full blog post coming very soon.  For now, I’m just giving you a bit of a sneak peek.

On our actual anniversary, I gave John a shoebox full of items that represented various things around the city we were visiting the following weekend.  Can you guess where we’re going?

1: Paint Chip of the color of the Golden Gate Bridge (1937 is the year the bridge was completed)

2: Chinatown

3: Sea Lions (for Pier 39)

4: BART map (sans labels)

5: A Rock (for Alcatraz)

6: Ghiradelli chocolate (for Ghiradelli Square)

7: Photo of Queen Victoria (for the Victorian homes, such as the famous Painted Ladies)

8: Goldfish (for Fisherman’s Wharf)

9: Candlestick (for Candlestick Park)

10: Blue Jelly Bellys (the Jelly Belly Factory is about an hour away)

11: Sourdough Bread

12: A Brick with a map of Lombard Street drawn on it

13: Rice-a-roni: The ___  ___________ Treat!


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