10.19.10 Photo Challenges

It seems that Tuesday is a busy day for photo challenges!  Once again, I’m making it easier on everyone and just posting once with all the photos and challenges together rather than bombard you with 4 or 5 different posts, so enjoy!

First up, from Sunday…The Moments in Between: Green.

I shot this at the Wild Animal Park at the beginning of the month.  It’s really all I have that’s green.  We’ve been having lots and lots of gray here recently…not much green…yet.  Anyway, I just love the silhouette of the leaves in the foreground and the bokeh in the background.  I think this is one of my stronger bokeh shots I’ve come across recently.  I love that you can actually see the circles!


Next up is Happy Monday (yes, a day late).  This week’s theme is Fall.

Living in Southern California, we don’t get the chance to experience fall like most of the rest of the country.  Our falls tend to be hot…our Indian Summers.  I think we skipped fall all together this year and went straight to winter.  Lots of rain and cold (well, cold for here anyway).  I took this photo at a Vons.  Nothing says fall more than a bunch of fall-colored apples!

photo challenge


I’m pretty sure this is a new one for me…first time participating. The theme of “Life and Death” for Perceptive Perspective was a tough one.  I ended up going back to one I shot a couple weeks ago and actually already shared for a different challenge, but thought it fits this one really well too.
As you can see, I went with the more “death” side of the challenge, though the plant is not truly dead…merely going through its cycles, preparing for spring when it will bloom again.



Next (see, told you there were lots) is Simplicity’s photo challenge – SOOC, or straight out of the camera.  AKA NO editing!

I thought I’d struggle with this one as well, but I actually found a few images where I loved the slight imperfections and thought the editing would take away from the image.  This was my favorite of the bunch I shot in San Francisco two weekends ago when we were visiting for our anniversary trip.  I love the clarity and simplicity of this image!


And now, for the last one of the day…Black and White Wednesday over at The Long Road to China (she finally “officially” has her baby girl!

This shot was actually one I really liked SOOC, but decided it would probably look pretty awesome in black and white – so I tried it out and I absolutely  love it!  I’m so glad I gave it a shot!  I just love black and white night-time lights photos!

the long road

Still here?  Awesome!  Hope you enjoyed my photo adventure today…and it seems a sneak peek of our anniversary trips in early October!  Hope you’ll come back and see more!


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