10.21.10 Thursday 5

Here’s another new blog hop I discovered while blog surfing this week.

Basically, Mrs. Gambizzle over at Life as a Sailor’s Girl comes up with 5 words for each week. You then reflect on your week and how those words applied to you and your experiences.

Wanna join?  Here’s the words for this week (and the link, if you click the button below).


I’m HAPPY this week is almost over.  Well, it actually kind of is for me today.  Tomorrow is my co-worker’s wedding, so I have the day off for that!  I know it’s not my own wedding, but I’m just GIDDY for her and Mark – and to see all the neat things she’s done.  There will be such JOY as they celebrate the beginning of their new lives together!

GLEE is not a show that I watch very often, but the clips they showed from the religion episode last week at church made it seem like a fairly decent show…then I saw the GQ photos on a few other blogs today…maybe not.

I have so much to be THANKFUL for this week.  Even though my work has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it doesn’t mean that we are closing our doors and I’m still employed and working with amazing people!


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