G is for…

We skipped a week, but it’s now time again for another Alphabet Photo Challenge.  This week, it’s all about the letter G!

G is for GAWAIN (October 14, 2010)

G is for GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE (October 9, 2010 – San Francisco)

G is for GIRL, FLOWER (October 22, 2010 – Whitney & Mark’s Wedding at Walnut Grove, Moorpark, CA)

G is for GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE (October 9, 2010 – San Francisco)

G is for GORILLA (October 2, 2010 – San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

See you next week for the letter H!


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  1. Great shots! Little the Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful little Girl! I see you’re part of the Virtual Coffee Tuesday…Maybe I’ll see you then for a cup of coffee. 😉

  2. and I meant….”Like” the Golden Gate Bridge….It’s still early. More coffee needed here. 🙂

  3. Your Golden Gate bridge is amazing. Wonderful job.

  4. Very clever for “G”. I love the shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Erika B

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that pic of the flower girl in those adorable boots, all the people in the background are thinking the same thing… “That girl is so CUTE!”

    I would love to take my girls to the San Diego Zoo to see that Gorilla… There isn’t one of those at our Zoo 🙂

  6. fabulous pics… love the chocolate factory!! hm… must visit one day! =)

  7. Love the different perspective of the Golden Gate. And WOW to have gotten a photo of the chocolate factory! Wonder G photos thanks for sharing and playing

  8. Tammy McChesney

    What a beautiful little girl…and what a gorgeous cat! 🙂

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