10.24.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m really excited for this week’s Scavenger Hunt because I had the chance to attend my co-worker’s wedding this past Friday and have a TON of photos that I want to share.  Fortunately, it looks like I’ll be able to use a few of them for some photo challenges this week!

On to the finds!

1: The 5 Senses (Touch)

2: Child/Children

Aren’t these just the cutest little ring bearers you’ve ever seen?  And the sign…just adorable!

3: Dining

I was torn between showing dinner and dessert, but chose this one because of the light reflecting off the glassware.

4: Night

Because I do not like the way flash looks on my photos (I only have my camera’s built-in flash), I have been learning to embrace the motion blur that comes with a slow shutter speed when shooting in low light situations.  This is one of those photos where it just totally works!

5: Sky

The only one of the bunch not from my wedding…and probably my least favorite, but hey, it works right?

That’s all for today!  See you again next Sunday!


8 thoughts on “10.24.10 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. cynthia says:

    LOL. I’m giggling at the man squatting on the dance floor in your night shot. Great pic. I too don’t like using my built-in flash and even my fancy speedlight for night scenes. I prefer the yellowish glow of lights/candles in no-flash photography.

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