Perceptive Perspective: Fall

I gotta do this quick since the linky closes in just 30 minutes (nothing like procrastinating!).  I almost didn’t enter because I didn’t really think I had any good “Fall” photos because there are so many great shots of leaves changing colors…and well…Southern California doesn’t have tress that change colors.  We don’t really have seasons either…it’s either Hot, Super Hot, or Not Hot.

Anyway, I was looking through some photos from the wedding I went to last weekend and saw this photo of the dirt road we drove in on as the yummy afternoon light was seeping through the trees.  Then I decided I may as well use this opportunity to play with some actions I downloaded last night (I’d tell you which ones they are, but honestly, I’m not sure because I was trying out so many of them just to see what they’d do.  I’ll do better at keeping track next time!).

So, here you go!

For more Fall Fun, head on over (quick!)Photobucket

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