Flashback Friday: Halloween

In seeing everyone’s old Halloween photos, I just had to jump in on the fun.  I’m glad I scanned all those old photos last year before the wedding.  Sorting through digital photos is so much easier than hardcopies!

The first photo is from when I was in Kindergarten.  I was convinced I was going to be a ballerina when I grew up (I was taking dance lessons at the time…in fact, through fourth grade).  I’m not sure why I wasn’t so happy in this photo, maybe it was the beginning of my dislike for the holiday.  The dressing up and candy is fun, but I could do without all the rest of the scary, gory stuff.

Next set of photos is the next year, first grade.  I wanted to be a cat (my favorite animal at the time), so I was a pink cat, complete with pink footie-pajamas, headband ears and a tail in the back.  In the first photo, I’m holding my entry for our school-wide pumpkin carving contest.  If I remember correctly, those chose one winner from each class and then those were judged for an over-all school winner.

The other thing I remember that year about Halloween is that it was the day right before make-up picture day.  My first photos were horrible, so we had planned to do retakes…until I rubbed my nose raw getting the lipstick nose off my face from my cat costume.  Oops!  Pink lipstick…pink skin…give the 6-year-old a break!  It’s hard to tell the difference!

I’m pretty sure this next photo is from second grade, but it might be third (don’t worry, I don’t have one from every year).  I actually won the pumpkin carving contest at school that year – yes, the school-wide prize!  I think I actually won tickets to Disneyland!  One other year I made a Rocky pumpkin that was on a motor that spun in circles while the Rocky victory music played (I have my Dad to thank for that!).

Now we’re skipping ahead a bit to freshman year in high school (I have no idea if there are photos of Halloweens between third and ninth grade…I know I was a camera one year and Princess Leia on year in junior high).  I was on the cross country team that year (I hated running cross country!).  We had an invitational meet the weekend before and since I hadn’t come up with any brilliant costume yet, I put on my warm-ups (it was cold that year) and the participant medal I received and that’s was my costume!  Again, I can’t remember why I was not in a good mood – probably being a typical 14-year-old not wanting mom to take more photos!  Oh, and that’s my brother and sister in the photo with me!

Well, that’s all the embarrassing photos of me for this week.  Be sure to head over and check out other Flashback photos!

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