10.31.10 Photo Challenges

Two different challenges for today…

First up is the Scripture & A Snapshot challenge.  Rather than thinking of a verse and then trying to take a photo to go with it, I decided to look through the photos I have taken this week and see what jumped out at me. Here’s the result:

Next up is The Moments in Between. This week’s theme is Where You Live. This is my sister’s house…where I live right now. Again, I used Pioneer Woman’s actions for this one and I really like that old feel. It reminds me of photos of houses from back when my parents were kids.

8 thoughts on “10.31.10 Photo Challenges

  1. Jenn says:

    Yep, what a great verse! It is so easy to sow bitterness, hurt, anger, etc. but the reward is so much better when kindness, forgiveness, etc. is sowed.

  2. diana's photos says:

    great visual for the scripture! I always try to remember that scripture when ever I am making a decision about something, asking myself, “what will be the fruit of of my choices?”…reaping what I sow. God Bless! ~Diana

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