10.31.10 Photo Challenges

Two different challenges for today…

First up is the Scripture & A Snapshot challenge.  Rather than thinking of a verse and then trying to take a photo to go with it, I decided to look through the photos I have taken this week and see what jumped out at me. Here’s the result:

Next up is The Moments in Between. This week’s theme is Where You Live. This is my sister’s house…where I live right now. Again, I used Pioneer Woman’s actions for this one and I really like that old feel. It reminds me of photos of houses from back when my parents were kids.


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  1. I love the way you illustrated the verse. Dropping by from Katie’s & joining you there.

  2. Yep, what a great verse! It is so easy to sow bitterness, hurt, anger, etc. but the reward is so much better when kindness, forgiveness, etc. is sowed.

  3. Perfect matching of scripture and photo!! We exactly reap what we sow….which is very exciting for some and very scary for others.

  4. I love this. One of my favorite verses.. and well depicted.. Thank you

  5. Both of these shots are really great – I love your scripture shot.

  6. Thank you for sharing that, I think it’s one of my favorites this week.

  7. great visual for the scripture! I always try to remember that scripture when ever I am making a decision about something, asking myself, “what will be the fruit of of my choices?”…reaping what I sow. God Bless! ~Diana

  8. I really get that feeling from the house photo, that’s it’s from back when my parents grew up. I love it! I ❤ PW actions.

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