Anniversary Weekend No. 1 – San Diego

The first part of our anniversary weekend (John’s plans) included a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  You can “read” about it here and here.

We spent the night in Del Mar and then headed down to Balboa Park on Sunday.  We spent most of our time walking around the center of the park where most of the “attractions” are, taking photos.

After our first stop at the visitor’s information center, we went over to the Botanical Building where there were all kinds of flowers and plants.  I went on a photo snapping spree in there!

John found this huge leaf on the ground and thought it would make a good fan.

This is the exterior of the Botanical Building.

Our next stop was the Model Railroad Museum, John’s most anticipated stop.  I thought it was kind of neat, but John REALLY enjoyed it.  He think he’s going to be building one in our future house.  Can we choose a less expensive and less invasive hobby, please? 🙂

The rest of our walk along El Prado included stops at various gardens (I think there are like 14 different gardens throughout the park).

Our final stop at Balboa Park was the Spreckels Organ Pavilion.  Every Sunday afternoon, there is an hour-long concert, so most of the time we were there, we could hear the organ in the background.  After the concert, they let people actually go up and see the organ, fairly up-close.  I can’t remember the stats, but I think this organ is like one of the 10 largest in the US or something like that.  There was a list on the wall in the stairwell up to see the pipes that included all of the organs larger than it – and the second one on the list was the organ at the Crystal Cathedral (where I work), so while it was cool to see this organ, I’ve definitely been around much larger ones!

After Balboa Park, we drove over to Coronado and ended up heading south on the small isthmus that connects the “Island” to the southern part of San Diego.  There was a small park there where we walked long the beach until it was time to start driving back home (and eating dinner).

Sidenote: I love this photo.  I want to print it and frame it and hang it somewhere in my future house.  Maybe even get it printed on canvas.

We ended up stopping for dinner at Karl Strauss in Del Mar where John had a burger meal that had beer infused in pretty much every item that was on his plate!  He was a happy camper!

I had one of their specialty mac-n-cheeses (they have like 5 different choices, many of them rather unusual). If you’ve never been there, I recommend going sometime!

We then drove home, and thankfully didn’t hit too much traffic (though what we did hit through northern San Diego County was horrible!).  We had 3 very happy kitties waiting for us, along with my sister’s dog and 2 cats who were semi-glad to see us (my sister was on a 2-week vacation at the same time, so they weren’t very happy she was still gone).

So, there’s our first weekend celebration!  Next we’re heading up north to San Francisco!  See you back here soon for more on that adventure!

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