Scavenger Hunt Sunday 10.31.10

I’m frantically trying to get all my images edited for all of the stuff I want to post tomorrow.  I’m going to be away from my computer pretty much all day because of work in the morning and our Trunk or Treat event at church in the evening.  It’s going to be a long day, but I think it will be a fun day too (if I’m not actually getting sick again, like I feel like I am!).

Anyway, on to the photos for this week…

1: My TownThis is the back of my parking permit that allows me to park on the street at my sister’s house, where we are living right now. I don’t actually use it all that often, but it’s representative of my “town.” (I would classify Anaheim as more of a city rather than a town)

2: VintageThis is another shot from Whitney’s wedding last weekend.  I actually applied two of the Pioneer Woman’s actions to this shot…Old West and Seventies (both at 50%).  I love that Whitney’s entire wedding was pretty much vintage, including the buttons she had added to the back of her dress!

3: Tilt-ShiftThis one was a struggle for me.  I had to pull a photo from a couple weeks ago because I had nothing that was working.  I still don’t feel like this is exactly what it’s supposed to look like, but hopefully the other shot I’m saving for the October Scavenger Hunt turns out better!

4: Dress UpAnother wedding shot.  It’s really the only thing I had that fit “dress up” since tomorrow is Halloween and I haven’t seen anyone actually dressed up for Halloween yet!

5: ChocolatePart of my job for Trunk or Treat was to collect the candy that was donated by church members. I shot this photo last week as we were loading all of the donations into the wagon to take to the place where we were storing all of the goodies!

See you again next week…and look for my October Scavenger Hunt photos on Monday, along with some fun new things going on in the month of November (it’ll be a busy month!).


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  1. Great shots, I think your tilt-shift turned out great!

  2. I actually love your tilt-shift! I think the Golden Gate Bridge traffic is the perfect shot for this, and I think you did a great job with the editing.

  3. Your tilt shift worked well, and lovely vintage lace

  4. I love the vintage dress. It’s beautiful!

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My Entry

  5. All are awesome! I adore Whitney’s vintage wedding dress and hair!

  6. I like your tilt shift! I love the vintage dress shot too.

  7. Beautiful vintage! Great tilt and town!!

  8. These are all great and I love your tilt-shift photo so I can’t wait to see what you’re saving for the October Hunt. I also love the shots of the girl’s dress – I bet it was a gorgeous wedding. Have fun today!

  9. Oh my, I am in love with your tilt-shift photo. Like, seriously:) And what a fun vintage dress!

  10. Great shots, love your vintage and tilt shift the best!

  11. Great tilt shift! I used the same bridge for mine as well, just a different angle. The lace on the vintage wedding dress is gorgeous! Wonderful captures!

  12. Wow! That vintage wedding dress is divine. I love the crop. Also, your tilt-shift shot and edit … awesome!

  13. Love the tilt-shift! Really nice photos.

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