October 2010 Photo Hunt

I’m going to be honest up front.  I missed one item on this month’s list.  I didn’t even have anything in my archives to pull out.  I guess I just don’t do creepy!  Hope you enjoy the other 19 photos I captured this month!

1: In Disguise

2: Crisp

3: Fall Colors

4: Jack O’Lantern

5: Shot from the GroundI must say that I really love this new concept of shooting from the ground.  I played with this technique all month and had a really hard time selecting just one photo to use.  Maybe I should have a post devoted completely to this angle and share my shots with you!

6: A Landscape

7: A Fall Tradition

8: Books

9: Dining

10: Child/Children

11: Faces Formed in NatureIf you need helping find this one…the long part at the bottom…think of as a snout, with a nose and mouth. The two knots at the top are eyes.  Do you see it?

12: Tilt-Shift Photography

13: Black & White with Selective Coloring

14: Bokeh

15: Best Photo Taken October 23

16: Something from the Kitchen

17: Something Vintage

19: Something Golden

20: A Self-Portrait

I don’t like traditional self-portraits, so this is what you get!  🙂

Be sure to stop by Photo Hunt Challenges and see the other entries – and then come back throughout November to vote for your favorites!


19 thoughts on “October 2010 Photo Hunt

  1. faith says:

    shot from the ground was cool…i’m with you, it’s a fun angle! love the way you did the self portrait, too…i’m not a fan of self portraits either (or at least the ones of MY self…lol). oh and vintage was another favorite. nice collection!

  2. Ashley Sisk says:

    There are so many that stand out but I specifically remember loving your fall tradition shot for it’s depth of field, your tilt-shift shot and your something vintage. All are really great though!

  3. shannon says:

    you did a wonderful job. i’m having a hard time picking a favorite. i really like your fall tradition. love the pumpkin in the background of the picture!

  4. Kimberly Mueller says:

    Wow – I love these! All of them. I love your shot from the ground, your fall colors, something golden, and bokeh. Honestly, how could I pick a favorite? Your landscape looks like it came straight out of a movie. You and I had the same idea for crisp… 🙂

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