Lens Art (New Photo Challenge)

I realize there are lots of photo challenges out there, but I’m still jumping in the ring because I’m not sure there’s a challenge devoted strictly to artistic photography. Yes, all photography is art, but this challenge is really going to challenge those of you who usually shoot snapshots or portraits to really explore the artistic side of photography, hence the name LENS ART.

For this first week, we’re going to explore the traditional art element of COLOR.  So, go out and shoot lots of color and come back and link up! You have until next Tuesday at midnight my time (Pacific).

Oh…I almost forgot…the prizes! Each week I will choose a winner. At the end of each month, your peers will vote for the top photo of the month and that person will receive custom-hand-made cards from my card shop, Mia Cartoleria. You will have the choice of either a set of cards for the next holiday/season or generic anytime use cards. Pretty awesome, huh?

So, here are the “official” rules:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • The photo must be taken by you – and preferably a NEW photo for the challenge, but if you’re absolutely stuck, you can pull one from the archives
  • One submission per person
  • Keep it G-rated
  • Link your blog post back here to the challenge (there will be a button available next week)
  • Enter your link below (please enter the permalink to the specific blog post, not your home page)
  • You have until next Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. PST

Click below to add your photo for this week’s challenge!


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