30 Days: Day 4

30 Days of TruthSomething you have to forgive someone for.
I knew this one was coming. And I’ve been spending the past 24 hours thinking about how to respond. I even had a dream about this person. It’s not the first time either. That person is my best friend from high school. My best friend was a guy…yes, it makes things complicated, though I was convinced back then that it didn’t really. Freshman year in college, I lost this person as not only a best friend but as even a friend. I don’t need to provide all the gory details, but there was an email conversation that happened that just ended it all. To this day, I’m still hurt and upset by the way it ended. I haven’t completely forgiven this person either. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been if we had remained friends. We still see each other on rare occasions. We make awkward small talk. I would guess he has no idea that I was so hurt by this incident and that I’ve held on to these feelings for almost 10 years. Yet, for some reason, I just can’t seem to let it go.

30 Days One ThingThis photo was a total experiment…and an accident, actually. I had the lens on manual focus after forgetting to turn it back to auto, so when I set it down on the ground, lens pointed up at the sky, it wasn’t focused on much of anything. I like it. A lot.

A Month of Thanksgiving
Despite the fact that I have had such a difficult time forgiving someone, today, I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy. He certainly knows how much I don’t deserve either, yet, he offers it to me, even if I’m unwilling to accept it sometimes. This I will never, ever understand, but I’m still so thankful for it, nonetheless.

Shameless Plug
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