Disneyland and World of Color

Wow…it’s now been one month since our first wedding anniversary! Only 11 more months to go until our second!

As I’ve mentioned before, we had quite a few celebrations of our anniversary, including a trip to San Diego that my husband planned, a day at Disneyland (thanks to a dear college roommate who works there!), and a trip to San Francisco for an NFL game.

These are the images from our day at Disneyland. We went on our actual anniversary and I was super excited to finally get “Happy Anniversary” buttons! They were one of the few that I didn’t have (another I don’t have and haven’t figure out how to legitimately get for myself is the “1st visit” button…hmmmm…)

I was every excited to discover that the “California” sign outside of California Adventure was NOT candy-corned out for Halloween, but instead, brightly colored for “World of Color” (I’m not a big Halloween fan).

We went to this park first so we could get FastPasses to see World of Color that night.  Once the park officially opened, we made a mad dash for Toy Story Mania since that line is always long, only to discover that it was closed (bummer!).  Instead, we found Mickey ready for photos!  I honestly don’t think I’ve seen Mickey in the parks since I’ve had my pass (other than in parades). I knew this would be a great photo-op for a scrapbook page!My mom and sister made those shirts for us in the week after we got married for us to wear the first day of our honeymoon cruise. The backs say “Mr. Julius” and “Mrs. Julius.”

John shows off his button and the fact that it was raining/misting all day (thank goodness it didn’t do that a year ago…I’ll take the cold and wind over rain on my wedding day!).

Waiting in line for the Matterhorn (it was closed when we came last time, just before my pass expired).

After a long day in both parks (and being able to ride pretty much everything in both parks that we wanted to, thanks to strategic use of the FastPass system), we tried to eat dinner at the Thunder Mountain Ranch, but discovered they had closed it half-way through the day because of the rain! Booo! Guess it means we’ll just have to get passes again and have dinner there sometime.  We then headed back over to California Adventure to get in line for World of Color.  The photo above is us waiting for World of Color to start (I didn’t feel like editing the glare on our faces…dumb weather).

I actually took a whole bunch of photos during World of Color, but was using my point and shoot and they just didn’t turn out. Next time I’ll have to take my DSLR. Let me tell you though, it was AMAZING! I think it’s better than Fantasmic! It definitely blows the Bellagio fountains out of the water – you can’t really even compare them! If you plan to visit the Disneyland Resort, this show has to be a priority for you (and make sure you get a FastPass in the morning or you can’t see it – well, you can, but only from the backside).

Not only is there water and lights, there’s also fire (we could feel the heat from these and we were the second section…we were told that you will get wet sitting in the first section…and then after this heat, you feel all sticky and humid!).

After the show. I love the colors not only in the water, but on the ferris wheel as well.

We had a great day, even though we were a bit wet pretty much all day. It felt so good to be back at Disneyland after not going for 4.5 months!  I’m not sure how I’m going to survive not having a pass until 2012, when we plan to get them again, after Cars Land opens (I’m super excited about this!).

More coming soon on the third part of our anniversary celebration – San Francisco!

PS Be sure to enter my NEW photo challenge Lens Art. This week’s theme is COLOR!

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