Two Moms Made a Photo Challenge: Light

I haven’t participated in this photo challenge in a while…I keep meaning to, but if I don’t post on Friday, I usually forget about it until it’s too late to join, so I’m doing this now!

This week’s theme is light. I wanted to show a photo I haven’t shown before, so I went back a few weeks when it actually rained here in California (in OCTOBER!).  Too bad that cool weather didn’t stick around – it’s supposed to be in the upper-80’s today.  Anyway, I saw the water dripping from the edge of the patio cover onto the ground below and was practicing my “Shot from the Ground” angle and got some really cool shots of the water splashes, but I feel like this is the best picture that illustrates the amazing light that was happening with the late afternoon sun!

Don’t forget to join my new photo challenge, LENS ART!


Posted on November 5, 2010, in Photo Challenges, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. OH! this rocks! Love the light! Excellent submission! Thanks for playing! ❤

  2. That’s really beautiful.

  3. so interesting!

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