Anniversary Weekend No. 2: San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge & Cable Car

Yes, my anniversary seems to keep going on forever. Maybe I can drag the posts out to last all year, then our second anniversary will be here before we know it!

Don’t worry, after this one, I think there’s only two more (this is the last of the 3 San Francisco ones). For the first two, check out Fisherman’s Wharf and Boats, Planes and Chocolate.

After the huge ordeal to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, we were finally glad to arrive, though a little bit tired and cranky. I have always wanted to walk across the bridge, so I was determined to do it because I had no idea when we’d have the opportunity again. John wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about it and wanted to turn back at the half-way point, but in my mind, that wasn’t actually walking across the whole bridge (for those of you wondering, it’s 1.7 miles one way).  The following photos are from our journey.

At the halfway point. Notice I’m not leaning on the side of the bridge…and yes, those are white knuckles you see in my death grip in the railing. I’m not a fan of heights and walked along the inside of the walkway pretty much the entire way across…both times.

John’s a lot more casual about it.  He probably would be swinging from the cables if he could!

We made it to the other side! No earthquakes that shook the bridge and made it collapse or anything like that (remember my worse-case-scenario imagination?). Now, 1.7 miles back!

This is totally a head swap photo…I had my eyes closed in this one, but the other one had some people on the path behind us! I’m pretty impressed with my developing Photoshop skills.

Fortunately, the ride on the bus back to Fisherman’s Wharf was not nearly as eventful or drawn out at the trip out. It was starting to get late and we were hungry, but we had one more thing to do on our checklist – ride the cable car. After yet another long wait (I kept myself occupied with my camera when they turned the cable cars around – using slow shutter speeds to capture the blur), I was excited to be able to ride on the side of the cable car, right in front! What fun is the cable car ride from inside the car?

This is the view coming down Powell Street (I’m pretty sure).

Almost the end of our ride! It was pretty awesome!

We didn’t eat here (it looked a little nicer than what we were dressed for), but John wanted his picture taken with the sign. We did have steaks though.  Pretty good.

After dinner, we jumped back on the BART for another nerve-wracking journey under the bay back to Hayward where we promptly crashed into bed upon arriving back in our hotel room. Little did John know, we had a very exciting day ahead of us!


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