Mission: Lose Lotsa Weight November Update

I’m doing better posting this than I did last month – it’s only the 11th today!  Woohoo!

Unfortunately, my news about the actual weight loss isn’t as great. In fact, I don’t even have a photo or stats for you this month because you can just go to October’s update and it would be the same as it is now. I guess it’s good that I at least didn’t GAIN weight this month, especially considering our anniversary trips in the beginning of the month. I just can’t stand to run on a treadmill and you’re almost forced to eat out (and I’m horrible at making wise choices at restaurants).

On the plus side, I did sign up to run in the 5K Long Beach Turkey Trot at 7:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning. I’m actually pretty excited about it and I have regularly been running 3 miles on the days that I actually do run, so I’m confident that I can finish in my goal time of 36:00. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll beat the time.

I also have my eyes on a half-marathon (one of my 101 goals) next February in Huntington Beach. I would start training the week after Thanksgiving and have 10 weeks to get ready for it. I’d like a race that allows about 12-16 weeks for training, but it seems that there’s a big gap in races in the area during that time, and it seems at least doable to train just 10 weeks. After all, my goal is simply to finish, even if I’m walking across the finish line.

So, we’ll leave October behind and push to lose in November. Look for new photos and updates in early December, including my 5K race results!


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