Our Trip to the Jelly Belly Factory

Well, here we are, finally at the end of our trip to San Francisco, which included an NFL game and this trip to the Jelly Belly Factory. Since we had to spend the night on Sunday night because of the game time, I decided I wanted to make this hour-long drive outside of San Francisco before heading home to the Jelly Belly Factory. The tour itself is free (though cameras aren’t allowed), and you actually get to sample the a Jelly Belly in three different stages! It was pretty cool and we ended up bring home 10 pounds of Belly Flops (the Jelly Bellys that just aren’t right…too big, too small, shaped wrong, etc.)

Aren’t we so cute in our mandatory headwear?

These pieces of art were all over the factory! They even have a gallery of famous people on the tour, and include a video of how they are created! Amazing!

A VW bug (the new model, in yellow) was my dream car in high school, so I snapped this photo of the one in front of the factory on our way out.

I know there aren’t a lot of photos in this post and I was pretty bummed when they said we couldn’t take pictures inside the tour. It really is neat and I recommend you make a trip to visit if you’re in the area! The free (small) bag of Jelly Bellys makes it even more worth it!


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