Lens Art: Texture (and Color/Line Winners)!

First, I finally created the button for this challenge. I’ve known what I wanted it to look like and finally shot the image for it.  So, now you can use this one when you link up!

Next, I believe I’m behind on announcing the winners for the past two weeks…so, without further ado, the winner for color was Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Not only were the colors stunning, but I love the filter she used on it too!

The winner for the Line challenge is Emma Sue at Living Life One Click at a Time. Her images are protected, so you’ll just have to click on the link to see her amazing shot of an old car covered in snow. Black and white images seem to have extra character to them, at least for me, and I love the lines of the grill! Congrats!

Be sure to stop by here in early December to vote for these two and the winners of the next two challenges for the grand prize!

This week’s theme is Texture – which can either be included in the image itself or added in the editing process. I know a lot of you love those textures so let’s see what you’ve got!  Remember, there will be an awesome prize for the winner of November (handmade custom notecards from Mia Cartoleria)!

Here’s an example of texture in the image itself. Editing it made me so hungry. Can’t wait to get home for a piece of yummy apple pie!

As a reminder, here are the “official” rules:

  • Everyone is welcome
  • The photo must be taken by you – and preferably a NEW photo for the challenge, but if you’re absolutely stuck, you can pull one from the archives
  • One submission per person
  • Keep it G-rated
  • Link your blog post back here to the challenge (there will be a button available next week)
  • Enter your link below (please enter the permalink to the specific blog post, not your home page)
  • You have until next Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. PST

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