Flashback Friday: Thanksgiving 1997

I haven’t spent many holidays out-of-state (in fact, I think this Thanksgiving trip is the only one!). Most of the traveling we have done to celebrate with family is an hour drive – tops. So, I was pretty excited to be going to Idaho for a week to visit my mom’s uncle and cousin for a week for Thanksgiving during my sophomore year in high school (we got to miss school for a few days even – which was very rare for my parents).

Aside from seeing the scenery and the few attractions in and around Boise, turkey dinner was what I was most excited about. And the best part…the skin…stolen while the bird is being carved. And yes, here’s the evidence to prove it!

That’s me in the background, stealing the turkey skin while my grandpa carves the turkey. I think my mom was just waiting for this shot (and since it was 1997, it was taken on a film camera!). Awesome shot, Mom!

Total side note…wow, I was skinny back then! Granted I was only 15, but still!

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