#101: Volunteer

I have two quarters to catch up on for this goal. I don’t have any photos to share with you for the summer quarter (July-September), because the actual event took place in October. However, I did spend some time in late August and September helping plan our church’s annual Trunk or Treat. We held our first planning meeting in October and then did a lot of the legwork for marketing and promotion (that was my job) in September. My husband was also part of the volunteer lead team. He chose to be the volunteer coordinator. We both worked the booth at church for the two weekends in October that we were in town, advertising the event, collecting candy, and getting volunteers. The event was a huge success – we had over 2,500 kids go through the trunk area to collect candy. They also had a fun game area, rides, bounce houses and yummy food! Oh…and the FREE photo booth (that we took advantage of early in the evening). We had a blast that evening…our job was manning the volunteer and information booth as well as judging the trunks and then helping our Children’s Pastor hand out the prizes. We can’t wait for next year!

Okay, so now we’re going a little bit in reverse, about two weeks for the fall quarter. We had another opportunity to participate in the Compton Initiative on October 16 through our church. This time, we actually painted walls (instead of just paper)!

Our first “mural” was actually just a simple quote. There were several of these throughout the campus, but the one we worked on was from Martin Luther King, Jr.

After we finished this “mini-mural,” we headed over to help the youth painting the mural on the side of the gym. I had oh so much fun getting up there, since we had to climb a not-so-sturdy ladder to get on the roof of the gym (though I was fine once up there). Then, I thought I would be “daring” and get up on the first level of the scaffolding. That was an adventure too!

But, it was worth it and the mural turned out amazing! I’ve included before and after photos for you to see the transformation. (NOTE: The before photo was not taken by me, I got it from here)

And here’s the after…

I’m looking forward to volunteering again in the city of Compton in 2011. If you’re in the Southern California area and want to get involved, I invite you to check out www.justdogood.org for more info. The 2011 dates are January 29, April 30, July 23 and October 15.


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