1.1.11: Renewal

So, I’m starting another 365 photo project this year.  It’s a little bit different than last year’s in that I don’t have to actually take a photo EVERY single day.  Instead, there’s a list of 365 “themes” to capture throughout the year.  Of course, it’s easier to try to do one per day, but sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be anything to photograph, so I like the concept of this particular 365 project.  For more information on this particular project, click here.

One other thing I want to change this year is to challenge myself to post only square images.  I want to challenge myself to see outside of the usual rectangular camera frame this year, so look for my square images throughout the year!

Here’s my first image of the year, the theme, “Renewal.”

P.S. If you’re looking for the last four months of my 2010 365 project, stay tuned!  They’re coming soon!


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  1. I like your shot to introduce the year. Also like the added challenge of shooting for the square. Have a great year!

  2. An excellent image for the beginning of this project.

    I’m coming off two years of a photo-a-day. At first, I felt real relief at not having to come up with something every single day without fail. In that aspect, this seems easier. But as I was contemplating the list this afternoon, it does seem a bit overwhelming! It’s actually a totally different challenge.

  3. Welcome to the 365 challenge group love the square theme. Your first photo is really great one for the theme and being first. I love this 365 challenge

  4. I love the creative take of this…the new year is here and it looks like your are ready to go…great start to the year!

  5. Love the focus on the image….looking forward to seeing more

  6. That was exactly what my calander looked like, might have been last nights celebrating. LOL

  7. I find that when I am looking for a photo to put into a square frame…I can’t find one that fits. Squares are outside the norm…so you have set yourself another challenge…finding 365 square photos! Good luck!

  8. Didn’t you read the FINE PRINT, Karen is a Lawyer and anyone that signs up has to take at least two photos Every single day, She is a Mean one that Karen but not as mean as Tammy the Terrible. Don’t blame me you can’t shoot the messenger. Have a Nice 2011.

  9. Good interpretation. It will be fun to watch you square up your world.

  10. I like how your shallow depth of field emphasized the 11 in 2011. Nice!

  11. I like this approach. I think I may be joining you. I did not complete last years attempt.

  12. Love the creative view, was this a particular lens or just normal depth of field which caused it?

  13. Nice introduction to the new year and the new photo challenge!

  14. Wonderful image to begin the year. Good processing and focus.

  15. I’ll try the challenge to and I will follow this extra challenge of yours with interest

  16. Interesting idea, shooing in squares. I really like the selective focus on this ‘renewal’ shot.
    Happy New Year!

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