Is that not a cool date?  To me, it’s all about fresh and new…truly a clean slate, the chance to make changes and start a new.  And even though my husband rang in 2011, dubbing it “the weird sounding year,” we have plans to make it a very exciting year.

This coming spring, we plan to purchase our first home – a daunting process – and almost surreal, but exciting at the same time.  I have files and a brain just brimming with decorating ideas and DIY projects to work on once we have a place we can truly call our own.

We also hope that our little family of two will be growing late this year.  We don’t have a lot of control over this one, but are trusting God’s perfect timing to bring us Baby Julius and the first grand-baby to both of our families.

Of course, you can’t welcome a new year without a list (whether it be short or long) of resolutions.  Since I’m right in the middle of my 101 in 1001 project, and 2011 is the last FULL year of my project, there are several year-long tasks I will need to tackle this year, if I want to be able to mark it off my list.  Some of the tasks I plan to complete this year include:

  • Fit into a size 12 (this fits well with the next one on the list)
  • Run a half marathon (I’m already signed up for one on May 1 in Irvine that is to raise money for Pediatric Cancer Research – see my sidebar if you want to donate to the cause)
  • Make Thanksgiving dinner (in my new home, hopefully!)
  • Camp out overnight to see the Rose Parade (this is my last January, so it’s kind of a “must” though depending on the baby situation, I may need to alter this one a bit)
  • Date night with John (originally, I intended this to be a weekly thing, but it’s been difficult, so we’re going to go with a monthly goal instead – and one of my gifts to him was the “12 Dates of 2011” so they’re already all planned out!)
  • Buy a home
  • Help decorate a Rose Parade float (again, this one may not end up working out, but we’ll see)
  • Read through the Bible (I got a One-Year Bible in my stocking to help with this goal)
  • Scrapbook! (I have several tasks on my 101 list that involve getting some scrapbooks completed, and now with my NEW SILHOUETTE – yes, I got a Silhouette for Christmas – I can make my pages even more awesome!)
  • Read (With a goal of 10 novels and none completed so far, I better make some major progress on this one in 2011)
  • Blog (Originally this was a business goal, but I think it fits better for my personal blog, but it’s one of those year-long goals, so I better do it this year!)
  • Pay off credit card debt (This was actually one month away from being completed when my old laptop died and we had to finance the purchase of my new Mac. So, if all goes right, we should have it paid off next summer…although purchasing new furniture for a new house might throw a monkey wrench into everything!)
  • Send an encouraging note once a week (I started this last year and only got about two months in…here’s to 2011’s attempt being more successful!)
  • Send birthday cards to family and friends (I made it until about July last year and just got totally behind.  I have a plan for 2011 that will help me accomplish this goal this year!)
  • P365/52 (I did my 365 photo project last year, and while there were some days that were extremely overwhelming and I’m super behind on posting the photos to my 365 Photo blog, I do plan to participate again, though it’s a slightly different approach this time around that isn’t so much pressure! If you want to check out the plan, head on over to my OTHER blog!)

So, those are just some of the goals I plan on accomplishing this year.  Some involve lifestyle changes and some just require commitment and determination. I know 2011 will be a great year, even if all of these goals aren’t met.

I hope you have an awesome, productive and accomplished 2011 (however you chose to define it)!


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