Hoo Are You? 28

I haven’t participated in this weekly meme in a while, but couldn’t resist today since it’s all about food!

1. Are you fond of cooking? Yes, I love it! I think I got the love of cooking from my mom. When we start house hunting in a couple of months, a large kitchen (or potential for it) is pretty much at the top of my list!

2. What kind of food do you prefer eating when you are out? I’m a fan of seafood, pasta and Mexican food. I do like to try different things sometimes too. I’ve gotten a bit more adventurous with my eating over the past few years since I started watching all those food shows.

3. Which do you prefer, sweet or salty? My husband is the one with the sweet-tooth in our family. I definitely love salty. Sometimes my husband complains things are too salty and I think they taste just fine or even need MORE seasoning!

4. Where is the last place you ate out at? Hmmm…I think it was Olive Garden for John’s dad’s birthday back in December.

5. What’s for dinner tonight? Chicken tenderloins that are breaded in panko, parmesan cheese and thyme and then baked. I’m also doing Rice-a-Roni (love that stuff!) and some sort of veggie.



4 thoughts on “Hoo Are You? 28

  1. Allie says:

    Hey! Sorry about the Happy Monday thing. I need to change the rules. It is going to be closing on Wednesday nights. That way I can get the post up so people can vote. Sorry about the confusion! I hope to see you enter next week with a ‘something hot’ picture! 🙂

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