I hate waiting. It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit that I’m super impatient and get easily irritated if something gets in my way of getting things done or slows me down to accomplishing something.

I used to pray for patience, but learned quickly that God doesn’t just hand out patience (or other such attributes). Instead, He puts us in situations where we have the opportunity to LEARN said attribute, in my case, patience.

A couple of weeks ago at our weekly Bible study group, John wrote on our prayer request list that he wanted to pray for patience. God is definitely answering!

We have been planning to begin our house search in February, which was very exciting to me. It’s hard to have major nesting urges, as I have had over the past six months, and not have a nest of my own to nest! We’ve been window shopping homes in the areas we’d like to move for a while and I was looking forward to beginning the process of buying our first home and moving and decorating and having our own space.

That all came to a grinding halt this past week. My husband had his annual review (which was glowing, I might add…Yay John!). Despite the high marks and signs over the past month indicating a much deserved raise for his hard work and increased responsibilities, it did not come. In my mind, this was a minor hurdle. Ideally, once we have kids, we would like for me to be able to stay home and raise them. This means we would be a primarily one-income family. Having John’s salary increase would have made this much more possible, but it didn’t make purchasing a home completely out of the question.

Now, it is…for now. bp (yes, THAT bp) announced yesterday that they are trying to sell the refinery where John works. While there are no known buyers at this time and the sale wouldn’t finalize until at least 2012, the certainty of John’s job is definitely brought into question. It’s likely the new owners would either chose to hire John (and his co-workers) directly or keep them as contractors rather than letting them go, but you can never be sure when going through this type of transition. It’s not an ideal situation to be looking at taking out a very large loan to purchase a house. I want to feel more comfortable and stable about our near future financial situation before taking on such a large financial responsibility.

It’s a bit upsetting that we have to put the house hunt on hold for a few months, but it also means we can save more for a down payment and hope that house prices will drop a bit more as many predict they will. We aren’t in ideal living conditions right now and after nine months, it begins to wear a bit, but I guess God wants to us to continue to trust Him and His perfect timing.

So, we continue to wait and be patient…with another area of our lives.

And yet, we’re not alone in the waiting game. There are so many Biblical examples of people who were in less than ideal circumstances (far worse than ours!) and they continued to trust God and He eventually blessed them and gave them what He had promised.  Abraham (and Sarah), Joseph, Joshua and Caleb, Job, and Paul, just to name a few! I guess we’re in good company!

“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not grow wearing, They shall walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31

“And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.” – Hebrews 6:15

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos recently. I’ve been shooting, but haven’t had much time to sort and edit. Plus, it’s been a fairly emotionally rough few weeks and “journaling” has seemed to be more beneficial to me than photos right now.


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