February “To Do”

I realize that February is already 1/3 over, but I wanted to start putting my monthly “to do” lists on here so I can see how much I accomplish each month – and accountability is always good. Many of the things on my list are for my 101 list, so I figure, why not?

  • Finish our wedding guest book scrapbook (this was actually a January item, but I didn’t quite finish it last month)
  • Post the rest of my 2010 365 project photos and catch up on 2011’s
  • Finish reading Anna Karenina (this is ambitious…why did I choose the longest book ever for my first novel!)
  • Put together my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary album (from 5.5 years ago!)
  • Catch up on my 101 blogs (I’ve got stuff from October…yes, October!)
  • Replant my herb garden (this is one of those things I haven’t blogged about from October…I actually had some herbs and then the massive rain storms came and flooded them…thus the need to replant and start over)
  • Donate blood (planning to do this on my day off on the 21st
  • Set up a Christmas fund and begin saving now
  • Register for and run the Brea 8K Classic on 2/27/11
  • Make my house wish list (yes, we’re beginning our house hunt now…it’s kind of a long story, but we feel that God’s giving us the go-ahead now)
  • Send all February birthday cards (so far, so good!)
  • Set up KatieJ website (more details coming on this one)

So, that’s it for this month!  Hopefully I will be more productive in February than I was in January!

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