What I Learned While Running 4.5 Miles Today

I’m in the middle (well, closer to the beginning than middle) of training for a half-marathon on May 1. Before I started training, the most I had run at a time was only 3.5 miles, in preparation for the 5K I ran on Thanksgiving morning. Last Sunday I surpassed that for the first time by running 4 miles. I was a little worried before running, but once I started, I felt really good and I was able to run at a pretty decent pace too!

So, when it came time to run my 4.5 miles this morning, I wasn’t quite as intimidated by it, but it kicked my behind! I did learn a lot about running distances longer than my “usual” 3-mile runs in the mornings, though, so I guess it was pretty useful in that perspective. But man, I hope my 5-mile run goes much better next weekend…those 13.2 miles seem pretty much impossible after today!

So, what did I learn?

  • Get my lazy bum out of bed before 10:00 to run, especially when the temperatures are supposed to be in the mid-70’s
  • Gatorade doesn’t quench thirst the same way water does, especially when warm. It leaves this sugary-sticky after taste that made me want a swig of water. I think I’ll take water with me on my next run and save the Gatorade for when I get home…and I’ll freeze it so it’s still cool toward the end of my run.
  • Be intentional about starting out slow. If I think I’m going too slow, go even slower. Those last couple of miles were killer!
  • It’s amazing how much difference a good stretch makes.
  • Even though it seems like a long run is NEVER going to end, it feels so great to cross that “finish line” and be able to say “I ran 4.5 miles!”

Only 77 days ’til race day!


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