Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is my second Valentine’s Day as a wife and I must say, I seem to enjoy this holiday much more now that I’m married!

I mention John quite frequently here on my blog, but other than a few photos here and there, you probably don’t know a whole lot about him, so today, a day we celebrate love, I introduce you the man I love!

John is originally from the Philadelphia area and has lived in several different states over on the East Coast before he moved here to California when he was in eighth grade. Some of the things he says come from his time there, and his love for his home-town football team (the Eagles) is quite evident. He’s always so disappointed when he can’t watch them play because the game isn’t being aired here in Los Angeles – and it’s quite funny to watch him watch the games sometimes – he jumps up and down and screams and hollers at the TV. It’s actually quite amusing, and cute, too!

John is also a huge lover of chocolate.  Well, any kind of sweets, really, but chocolate is his favorite, by far! It makes buying or making him yummy desserts so easy because he will love pretty much anything!

My guy is into airplanes…he actually wanted to be a pilot growing up (dang eye-sight). He regularly plays flight simulator games on his computer.

He earned his MBA back in 2009, the spring before we got married, in Marketing and Finance. It’s cute when he tried to get me to understand our (rather involved) budget spreadsheets and cash flows and all that other money stuff.  I’m glad he gets it, because I’m pretty clueless beyond a basic budget!

He’s a total softy, too (in a good way). He loves animals, especially our 3 cats, even if they can be annoying at times! I know that he will make a great father someday (soon, hopefully!) because of how he interacts with our animals as well as other people’s babies and kids. That was one thing that I knew I had to have in my future husband…he had to be good with kids…and he is! (He is not usually a fan of sharing the bed with the cats…this is a rare moment!)

There are so many reasons I love John…he’s supportive of me and all the crazy things I like doing, he does things for me (sometimes without even asking!), he’s a spiritual leader in our home and wants to make sure our kids are raised in a good Christian home, he loves to cuddle…and so much more! I promise there really is a lot more…I made him a book of 104 reasons I love him as his wedding gift (104 because we got married on October 4), and I am so grateful that God has blessed me with such an incredible man to call my husband!

(Wedding photos by Shannon Leith Photography)

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Janette says:

    Hey! Look at you in that profile picture! You look stunning!!!! And I’m not just saying that cause I took that picture..lol

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