#17: Carve a pumpkin

Yes, Valentine’s Day was two days ago. Halloween was almost four months ago. This post is for all of you who love fall so much! 🙂

I wanted to get my pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. You know, the kind that lets you cut the pumpkin from the vine? Well, if you want to do that, I suggest going before the day before Halloween. And if you plan to take advantage of all the “extras” at the pumpkin patch, such as the corn maze or tractor/hay rides, make sure you don’t go the day after it’s been raining for a week. Lots of mud = closed attractions. Lesson learned! (At least it was just the hubby and I…so there were no disappointed kids in tow)

After visiting what we thought would be a fun pumpkin patch in southern Orange County, we ended up stopping at a farmers market to get a pumpkin. The one plus side to waiting until the day before Halloween to get a pumpkin is that they’re really cheap! The down side, is that the pickings are pretty slim.

I did manage to find a pumpkin I liked (I wanted a big round/oval one), though was a bit disappointed when I cut into it and the skin (is that what it’s called?) was almost 2-inches thick! I couldn’t figure out why, even though I had cut all the way around the top, my “lid” wouldn’t come off. Yeah, had to go another inch deeper!

Emptying the guts was pretty fun to do. We had planned to roast the seeds, but after washing them off, we put them on paper towels to dry and well…the stuck to the paper towels (again, I’m glad we’re learning all this stuff pre-kids!).

After my pumpkin was completely gut-less (difficult to tell because of the aforementioned thick skin (you can see how thick in the last photo), I then free-handed a face from the cutting kit we had purchased. It did come with stencils, but the one on the cover that I really liked, wasn’t included! Good thing I have a decent skill at drawing when I have something to look at.

Once satisfied with my drawing, it was time to carve! This was pretty uneventful and the skin wasn’t quite as thick on the sides as it was on the top, so I didn’t have quite the same problems I did cutting into the pumpkin.

And here’s the final product…on display for its entire two-night appearance!

Isn’t he cute?


2 thoughts on “#17: Carve a pumpkin

  1. albyswifey says:

    My problem is getting them to last. When we carve a pumpkin, within minutes it looks like my grandpa did with his dentures out, lol.

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