#43: John & Food

You’ve probably heard that saying, “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It couldn’t be truer than with my husband! He loves my cooking (and I love cooking, so that works out nice), especially if I surprise him with unexpected food as I have on two occasions over the past four months.

Back in October we had to get up early on Sunday morning to work the Trunk-or-Treat book at church (we usually go to church on Saturday night, so Sunday is a sleeping in day). My sweet husband let me sleep in a little longer and he got up to go to church so there would be someone at the booth before the service started. As a nice thank you, I made him an egg sandwich and brought it to church for him so he wasn’t hungry. I even packed it in a brown paper bag!

That picture is making me SO hungry! Those egg sandwiches are so good!

For a long time, John has been mentioning how much he’s been craving Chinese food for lunch. Unfortunately, there aren’t any good places to eat near this work and with only 30 minutes for lunch, there’s not really time to go anywhere anyway! So, one Friday I decided to take an extra long lunch and get Chinese take out from our favorite Chinese restaurant (they have the BEST honey shrimp…I eat them like candy!) and then drove out to his work and called him to come meet me out front. He was a bit confused at first but once he saw me and what I had for him, he was very excited!

I only wish I could eat lunch with him more often!

3 thoughts on “#43: John & Food

  1. Janette says:

    What Chinese food place do you go to? Now I want Chinese too..Some orange chicken would be perrrrrfect! I like your blog btw.. It’s very…Katie! Organized..colorful…personal..and personable.. I started carving out a little corner for myself in Blogville a while ago.. Sept. I think? I don’t like to share the address with many people..cause well… actually.. I have a lot of reasons…

    My blog is not as intimate as yours…It’s pretty much a glorified favorites folder..but online for the world to see…So check it out if you’re interested… It’s a work in progress for sure…

    • katiejulius says:

      It’s a place called China Wall on Brookhurst and Ball. Their orange chicken is yummy too. John and I both get a two-combo meal with the honey shrimp and orange chicken. The only bummer is they don’t give you a free fortune cookie!

      And thanks for the complement on the blog. I’ve been playing with it this week trying to get it just the way I like! WordPress is a little more restrictive on the control you have over the design (compared to Blogger), but I really like this new theme they came out with!

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