House Hunting, Part 3

WIt’s been a busy few weeks for the Julius family in the house hunting area, especially this past Tuesday…

But, before we get there, let’s go back to the “beginning” and share our journey so far.

We started our house search somewhat unintentionally when we learned my cousin was having to sell her home for an out-of-state move for a great job opportunity. Because of the state of the housing market, they had to short sell their home, and since we didn’t have a reason to hurry, we were fine with the potentially long process of a short sale. We went and looked at the home on February 7 with potential “buyer” eyes (I had been in the house many times for family holiday and birthday celebrations) and were excited with what we saw. However, after frantically securing a real estate agent and mortgage broker, but before submitting an offer, we learned that since we’re related, we can’t purchase the home (short sell rules to protect the bank, I guess). We were a bit bummed, but decided since we had now jumped in the deep end, we may as well start looking.

We met our Realtor the follow weekend and looked at a bunch of homes online with her and talked about what we were looking for in a house (see Part 1 for that list). We spent the next week reviewing all of the homes online and then headed out on our own the next Saturday (President’s Day weekend) to one area we were considering to narrow down our list so we could have our agent show us between 4 and 6 homes the following day. We saw some homes we liked and were interested in seeing the inside, but were disappointed on Sunday when we finally saw the inside of the homes we liked. There was nothing we wanted to put an offer on.

So, we spent our day off in another area we were considering narrowing down our choices and actually (thought we) fell in love with one home. There were 3 others we liked as well, so during the week, my dad went out with just me to look at the homes, and of course, seeing the inside of the homes changed our minds.  We ended up putting our first offer on one of the OTHER 3 homes we liked and were disappointed to discover there was a listing error regarding the price, but ended up countering with the seller several times before hitting a stalemate and hitting the road again to look at more homes.

We saw several more homes that last Saturday in February and really liked another home, put in an offer, only to discover it was termite infested and had lots of dry rot. So, it was off to looking at more homes in early March, found another home we liked, put in an offer and then…*chirp. chirp.* Nothing. We took the weekend off (it was a nice break from house hunting) and then looked at more this past Monday…and put yet another offer in Tuesday morning.

And thus began the day of major action for us! We got a counter back on the most recent offer. We learned the seller’s agent and our agent were working on a compromise to make a sale on the FIRST offer we made. We heard from the third house that there were multiple offers and we had to submit our best and final offer.

To make a long story short, we ended up agreeing to the terms of the offer we made on the very FIRST house and are now in escrow, which is scheduled to close on April 8!

So, what’s the house like?  Well, we’re not going to reveal EVERYTHING yet, but we’ll give you some hints.

Was it this 3-bedroom, 2-bath corner lot house with an extra large garage, but small backyard?

Was it this 3-bedroom, 2-bath corner lot with an in-process outdoor kitchen and new indoor kitchen?

Was it this 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in a quiet neighborhood with an extra large master suite with a walk-in closet and dual sinks on a large lot?

Or was it this 3-bedroom, 2-bath house on a corner lot of a cul-de-sac with lots of windows and a large nicely landscaped backyard?

Stay tuned to see which house is ours (once we close escrow, of course…no chicken counting yet!).


4 thoughts on “House Hunting, Part 3

  1. Erin says:

    It’s like watching House Hunters on HGTV! Good luck with the process! It’s so exciting buying a new home 🙂 Can’t wait to see which one “wins!”

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