Who invented “popcorn” ceilings?

Whoever it was…I’m not a fan.

After spending three days spraying, scraping, spraying, scraping…move drop cloth…spraying, scraping…you get the idea, our house ceiling is FINALLY popcorn-less!

That’s the good news. We still have a long way to go to finish the ceilings before we move in. We’ll start by going from popcorn to orange peel texture for the ceiling (we would leave them smooth, but we’re not that good and there are parts of the ceilings we can’t really remove that have a slight texture to them). The plan is to do all of the texture coating with my dad on Sunday, which means we’ll be taping the entire house in plastic (again) to protect the walls and floors since we like them the way they are.

After texture coat, it’s primer, and then paint…hopefully not too many coats! Yeah, that’s kind of squeezing it close with our goal to move by next Friday! Oh, and we’re thinking of painting the walls in most of the rooms too…that may be happening after the move though.

So, I realize I haven’t given you an official “tour” before we scraped the ceilings (I have pictures, just haven’t blogged about it yet), but here’s our house sans popcorn (and of course, we have to include photos of us actually doing the work)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I haven’t officially made a list yet of all I want to do with the house during the first year we live there, this was the number 1 thing that would have been on my list, so I guess I can say that #46 is now in progress!

And sorry, we are not for hire. I’ve had my lifetime’s allowance of popcorn ceiling scraping, though I’d be more than willing to share tips if you are wanting to tackle this project in your home!


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