Our Green Monster

Ever since we started looking at houses, I knew I wanted to paint my kitchen green. I must have picked up about 50 different green paint swatches in search of the right colors. I finally found what I was looking for at Dunn-Edwards and headed to Home Depot to get my sample paint to make sure it really was what I wanted. I ended up going a little light on the original choices, so I went with the 2nd and 4th colors on the swatch (instead of 1st and 3rd). I settled on the darker shade of Clipped Grass and the lighter shade of Lime Sorbet.

So, we ordered our paint – we went with the most inexpensive paint – we have to be very cost conscious with my current state of unemployment – color matching to the Dunn-Edwards swatches and paint samples. Well, something went horribly wrong in the color match! Unfortunately, I didn’t totally realize until I had painted across the entire wall…as you can see in this photo below.

You can see in this photo how horribly off the color is…the four color samples are labeled, along with the two bad green colors.

I headed back to Home Depot with these colors hoping they’d at least be able to do something with the paint I had purchased to get semi-close to the correct colors. I was pleasantly surprised when they offered to not only allow me to return the three gallons of ugly paint, but also give me Glidden paint at the same price as the cheaper brand – a savings of $11.00 per gallon!  I was pretty excited leaving Home Depot that day and couldn’t wait to get home and paint the wall!

John was on roller duty while I had edging responsibilities (we’re pretty good at this by now…we’ve since tackled the bedroom and soon the hallway). We knew it would take more than one coat, but were a little concerned it wouldn’t full hide the awful hideousness that was under it after painting that first coat.

So, we did one more coat before heading to bed, hoping that we would like what we saw in the morning and would be done…with that wall. (The other three walls will be the lighter green – Lime Sorbet).

We woke up to a very green wall…but still needed one more coat to finish it off.

That third coat was just perfect – our green monster was done! John’s still not sold on it. It’s definitely a bold color choice and I’m hoping I won’t regret it down the road. I guess we can always paint over it, especially since we plan to redo the entire kitchen/dining room down the road.

For now, this is what our wall looks like. I love it, but now I’m struggling with what to put ON the wall! We have so much wall space in this house and there are so many options! Anyone have some awesome suggestions for this big green wall?


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