The Much Anticipated House Tour

As promised (albeit a bit late), here is a tour of our new house!

I’ll start with a floor plan of the house so you can get idea of how everything is laid out when looking at the photos. I hope it all makes sense – I worked hard on creating this floor plan!

So, now that you can see the layout, time for pictures! And what better place to start than the front and entry!

Immediately upon entering the front door is the living room with fireplace (we have plans in the future to get rid of those awful huge bricks and make a stone fireplace that only goes up half the wall as well as ripping out the carpet and replacing it with hard wood floors).

Next stop is the kitchen/dining area. I love this room. There may not look like there’s a lot of storage in the kitchen, but the space actually went pretty far and the pantry is not entirely full, though it’s got really deep shelves, so it’s kinda hard to put stuff in the back and be able to get to it easily.  Someday we are going to redo the entire kitchen/dining area and add a ton of extra cabinet space and there will definitely be lots of drawers instead of shelves. I also love how huge this entire space is. We have our large dining room table set up with both of the leaves in it and there’s still plenty of space to walk around it to get outside through the sliding door (more out outside later in the tour).

So now we’re headed down the “hall” which isn’t really much of a hall as it is a “room” created by the entry to all the other rooms in the house. On the left is the main bathroom – a full bathroom with an awesome mirrored sliding door (note the sarcasm). We aren’t doing much with this room right now, but will eventually gut it and completely redo it, keeping the tub (this will be the future kiddos’ bathroom).

Coming out of the main bathroom, straight ahead is the door to the first of two bedrooms. These bedrooms are almost identical. The only difference is the size of the closet. In this first bedroom, the closet is only half the size because of the linen closet in the hall area. Right now this room is my office, but will be a future kids room (we’re undecided which bedroom will be the first nursery, but we’ve got some time to decide that since I’m not even pregnant yet). Both of these rooms have one huge window that looks out into the backyard (I love how many windows are in this house, though we’re going to need to replace them in the not-too-distant future to energy-efficient ones).

Right next to the first bedroom is the second bedroom with the full size closet and this is John’s office right now. Again, it will be a future nursery/kids room.

Now it’s into the master suite. While we didn’t have a walk-in closet, we do have a very large closet and have plenty of room for both my and John’s clothes. We do want to redo the closet (well, I do at least) with those “closet solutions” that have a drawers, shelves, and varying rod heights to best utilize the space. The bathroom is incorporated into the room, with the sink outside of the actual bathroom (someday we may add a second sink, though we are loving the counter space), and the toilet and 3/4 shower – it’s a full size shower, but no tub. We will be redoing this part of the room eventually with new cabinets and a tub with tiled shower. We would like to also increase the size of the actual bathroom because you have to practically climb in the toilet or in the shower to close the door to the bathroom. We’re not sure that’s going to be possible because both walls are exterior walls so it will be expensive to add-on for just a bathroom, but we’ll see.

That’s all for the interior of our house, so let’s head outside to the backyard. The only way to access the backyard is from the garage and through the sliding door in the dining room. We love our backyard because it’s not too big and not too small and has a little bit of everything – grass, basketball court, cement for toddler-sized bikes, garden space, patio, etc. We plan to tear out the two walkways through the middle of the yard and put grass in. We also plan to plant a vegetable and herb garden and some fruit trees, along with adding more bushes (we’re thinking hibiscus) along the brick wall and more roses on the south fence.

We also have “sideyards” on both the north and south side of the house. On the north side, they call it “RV” parking (apparently that’s a big selling point for a house because it was advertised a lot when we were looking at homes). We’ll probably add a shed over on this side of the house because we have no plans to ever own an RV.

The south side yard is just cement right now. We would like to rip up this concrete and build a pergola, planting some running plants (my mom suggested grapes…yum!) that will create its own shade. I want to put a bench and some chairs along with a bunch of plants, to make a nice shaded oasis in the backyard.

The final stop on our tour is the garage, accessible from the north side yard, the driveway (obviously), and from just inside the front door of the house (the front door opens to block the door to the garage). There’s nothing super exciting about the garage. It does have our washer/dryer hook-ups and we did put in storage shelves to hold all of our stuff, but still have some additional organizational stuff to do in there eventually, including a cabinet area by the laundry.

So, that’s our house! We’ve been busy since we moved in painting and getting everything unpacked and ready for our housewarming party on June 5. Along with invitations to our housewarming party, we went out “we’ve moved” postcards to let everyone know of our new address. I got the inspiration for our “we’ve moved” cards from one of the blogs I follow, E, Myself and I when they purchased their home.

Once we have the painting done and everything full unpacked, I’ll give you another tour so we can see what we’ve done with the place so far! And I’ll be sure to share photos from our first official party in our new home in a couple of weeks!


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