Fighting a Curtain Battle

Since we moved into our house, I think we’ve purchased at least 50 different curtain panels. Round one was for the living room – only to discover that some of the curtains had a thicker lining, which gave the curtains a different appearance when it was light outside…and being a perfectionist, it bothered me and would continue to bother me if we didn’t fix it. So, I was on a mission to find panels that were the same (I realized the color on the packaging was slightly darker for the thicker curtains, so was able to sort through them in the store). We finally had 8 panels to cover the windows in the living room.

Now it was on to the bedroom. We started with some navy blue curtains, but I wasn’t a big fan of how dark they were and I saw this bright turquoise ones and ended up buying 3 of those – since it was all they had in the store (we needed 4). Within in the next few days, I was at another store and found that they had the same color panels, but with grommets (we liked the grommets since they moved much easier along the curtain rod), so I got 4 of those, returning the original navy and the non-grommet turquoise. But, once we hung the new curtains, they weren’t all exactly the same length. Two were the same, and the other two were the same, but about 1″ to 1.5″ shorter and since they were right next to each other, that wasn’t going to work. I tried buying an additional panel, but that one was also short, so our solution was to purposely by the shorter panels (the 63″ instead of 84″) since it was a shorter window anyway. Finally done with the bedroom.

The offices weren’t so much drama. We originally had purchased (boring) brown non-grommet curtains and at the same time I found the turquoise grommet curtains, I found lime green ones for my office and navy ones for John’s office (he wanted a reprieve from all of the bright colors throughout the rest of the house. My curtains have been up for a while, but John’s are still waiting to be hung.

The last room left was the kitchen. I’ve been putting it off because I haven’t been able to find curtains I like. We have two big windows plus the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. Everything I had found for the two windows was very…um…country or lacey/frilly – not my style. Since the walls are bright green, I knew we had to go with a white curtain. I finally found a valance and tier set that I liked online (grommets again) and when went to hang them last week. I had some issues hanging with the regular curtain rods…we won’t go there…and realized that I really wanted tension rods so the curtain would be inside the window (and for the window above the sink, it was pretty much necessary), but the windows are 58″ across and tension rods then to bend/bow at that distance, so I was stuck with cafe rods.

I finally hung one window’s tier curtains and was pretty much devastated with the results (see for yourself):

The curtains aren’t quite wide enough (it might be a little hard to see from this angle). The package said they were 58″ across, so I figured it would be close, but that they would cover…not so much. There’s a good 4-5 inches total that are not covered and I think it looks pretty ridiculous. But not quite as bad as when they’re open.

The rod across the middle of the window just doesn’t look right and the proportion of the curtains looks off. And yes, the cafe rod is actually bowed (not from the curtains hanging on it either). I’m so frustrated with curtains and rods and windows right now!

My solution at this point is to try to find curtains that are at least 48″ long and 40″ wide (each panel). I’ll mount them just from one regular curtain rod across the top of the window so we don’t have the rod across the middle of the window looking funky. Now I jut have to find white curtains…if you have any tips on where to find white curtains at a reasonable price, please share!

I’m off to the cyber world to see what I can find this time around…hopefully to end this curtain battle once and for all!





3 thoughts on “Fighting a Curtain Battle

  1. Brienne Michelle says:

    Ikea. And since you can use lightweight material, you can get the fabric or panels (they have ones you can cut to length with no sewing necessary too) and they have a really cool wire hanger & clips set that works awesome and can be adjusted to any width also. We just did this for our massive custom size only (thanks for THAT one KB builders…) sliding glass doors the face full west. The wire is very thin and unobtrusive but also sturdy. Just a thought!

    • katiejulius says:

      Thanks for the tips! I found some on Ikea’s website that I wanted to go take a look at…I’ll probably make it out there tomorrow or Wednesday (can you believe there are none in the Inland Empire?). I’ll be sure to check out the wire hanger and clips…and hope I end up leaving the store with only curtains and curtain supplies and nothing else! 🙂

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