And the award goes to…

Gallery walls are hugely popular right now and I have been drooling over a variety of gallery walls I have seen in the blogosphere recently. Now that I have a house with lots of large bare walls, I can’t wait to begin filling them with frames of all kinds of goodies, including lots of my own photography and the large number of ideas I’ve collected in my idea file and recently, Pinterest. But, with the lack of frames in the Julius household (Ikea’s frame section and I had a long rendezvous today…though nothing came home this time…more on the Ikea trip soon), I had to settle for practicing with some plaques and awards that I’ve gathered over my life that I couldn’t just part with yet (and some will never leave) on a small wall in my office.

I used the method John and Sherry shared on Young House Love to create my gallery wall…it’s virtually math free…no figuring out where the center is and how far apart each frame needs to be from the other. This creative mind loves this method!

I stared by laying out the plaques and frames on the floor. Because of the small space, I ended up with a stack that I couldn’t use (they’ll go back into the keepsake box in the garage until I decide if I want to part with them or not).

Don’t mind Sierra (the cat). She thinks she’s being helpful…

Then I cut out newspaper and mailer ads the same size as each of the plaques/frames and taped them onto the wall in the same configuration working from the center out (as suggested by John and Sherry). My little tip…non-crumpled newspaper works best.I then took the measurement of where the nail should go on the back of the frame, marked it on the paper on the wall, hammered a nail, tore off the paper, straightened and then repeated for each plaque/frame. Again, I worked from the center out to make sure it was as close as possible to what I had taped up on the wall.

And, with the exception of the first place soccer trophy which is waiting for a floating frame to call home on the left, I can now display some accomplishments that I’m proud to show off, instead of hiding them in a box for 30 years in the garage.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the contents of this gallery wall are: (top row-left to right) postcard invitation for “In the Land of Giants” art show, postcard invitation for my senior art show “Everyday;” (second row) 1st place divisional soccer trophy (not pictured), Awana Citation Award, Most Worthy Argonaut Finalist plaque, Cinco de Mayo Half-Marathon finisher’s medal; (bottom row) Spring Select soccer team photo, Spring 1996 (I apologize for the glare), Varsity soccer “Best Offensive Player” award, and AYSO Region 112 “Referee of the Year” award, Fall 2005.

I was worried this was going to take a lot longer than it would and be a lot more difficult to get “perfect” (I am a perfectionist), but it was actually pretty easy and the longest part of the process was choosing what to hang and the configuration for it.

Have you created a gallery wall in your home? What method did you use? What advice would you give to anyone who is creating their own gallery wall?







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