Sarah: 2 Months

We “celebrated” Sarah’s two-month birthday with a visit to the doctor for her well baby appointment.  She did a great job – was all giggles and smiles until it came time for her shots.  She wasn’t a fan of the oral one and fussed through that, but a pacifier eased her quickly.  The injection went a bit worse with cries that I’ve never heard from her before.  Fortunately, being in my arms soothed her after just a minute or two.

SIZE:  Sarah weighed in at just under 11 pounds this morning (10 lbs., 13.9 oz. to be exact).  She is 22.25 inches long.  Both stats put her between the 25th and 50th percentile for her age.  We graduated to 3-month clothes around 7 weeks, which was bittersweet for me as I moved her newborn clothes to a less used dresser drawer.  Her diapers (exclusively cloth now) are at a 3 in the waist and 6 for the legs.  She definitely doesn’t look “newborn” anymore and I think she looks so big…until I see another baby just a couple of months older!

DEVELOPMENT:  Sarah is all smiles, especially when she is having her diaper changed or just after she eats.  It is the cutest thing to see her huge infant grin when we talk to her.  She’s also holding her head up really well.  We do still get a few head bobbles, but she’s doing better every day.  She’s not pushing up on her arms quite yet since she’s not a big fan of tummy time.  She did discover her tongue and hands around 8 weeks.  She loves to look at her hands and put it up to her tongue, lick her hand, and repeat (think of licking an ice cream cone).  She’s become a lot more aware of her surroundings, particularly who is holding her (mom is her preferred person).

PERSONALITY:  About a week ago, she became very attached to me, which means that she often wants to be held only by me.  Grammie says she’s a total momma’s girl, which is fine with me!  She still prefers to be held and around people than napping by herself in her cradle.  She is overall, a very happy baby and while she doesn’t like missing anything, it can make her fussy because she doesn’t sleep during the day.

LIKES:  Sarah still loves to be held…especially by me.  She enjoys car rides most of the time and has been staying awake for more and more of them.  The swing is a bit hit now and she loves to smile at herself in the mirror that is in the middle of the mobile above her head.  She loves the mobile too, and will just lay in her crib watching the animals go around.  She discovered TV this month.  We find her “watching” over our shoulder or while she’s sitting with us on the couch.  I think she’s interested in the movement on the screen.  Surprisingly, Sarah enjoys having her diaper changed (most of the time) and is still a big fan of bath time.  We think she just likes being naked (she gets that from dad).

DISLIKES:  There’s not a lot that Sarah doesn’t like, but tummy time has been a struggle.  She usually fusses and cried only a few minutes in when I do it with her, though Dad has had some better results.  She also doesn’t like napping during the day unless she is being held.

EATING:  Sarah is eating great!  She typically eats every 3-4 hours, though it can be every 2 hours in the evening (or every 30 minutes during growth spurts!) and she goes about 8 hours while sleeping at night.  We’ve fixed her latch and have virtually no problems with nursing.  She will start eating from a bottle (pumped milk) in just a week when I return to work, so we’ll see if there are any challenges with going between breast and bottle.

SLEEPING:  Nighttime sleeping is fantastic!  She was going to sleep around 9:00 p.m. but has recently transitioned to closer to 11:00 p.m.  She does sleep between 7 and 8 hours, regardless of when she goes to bed.  Last week we also moved her from the pack-n-play napper to the cradle.  She was getting too long for the napper and I wanted to get some use out of the cradle before she has to move to the crib once she starts rolling over.  She does sleep in the swing during the day sometimes since it rocks her better and longer than my arms can handle.  We get mixed results with the swing, though.  She does still sleep with her hands straight above her head, but not as often as she used to.  She’s moved into more of an arms straight out position.

OUTINGS/CELEBRATIONS:  This month was another one filled with trips and celebrations.  Daddy and Grammie both got visits at work where Sarah met all of their co-workers.  The same day Sarah also met most of my co-workers at the retirement reception for my boss.  During my 6-week check up, Sarah met and was adored by Dr. Wang, my OB, who monitored her growth while growing inside me!  Sarah also met all of Grammie’s family at dinner to celebrate Great Aunt Judee’s move to Idaho, and again at Great-Grandpa’s 90th birthday party (where she also met other relatives from South Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, and here in California).  We visited the Lemon Festival in Upland where we walked around downtown Upland and watched a pie-eating contest while eating corndogs from Hot Dog on a Stick.  Sarah also met our Awana clubbers this month, many of whom where eager to meet her after the anticipation of her arrival.  We finally made it this month to a Build-a-Bear store, where Sarah made her own “Sarah-Bears” to join “Mr. & Mrs. Bears” on our mantle (it’s a family nickname).  She loved the feel of the bear on her cheek.  We ended this month with a very special Mother’s Day, as Sarah was dedicated at our church, with Grammie, Grandpa, Aunt Cassie, Uncle Greg, Theresa, Mark & Ellie, Christina & Kaylee, and Keith in attendance.  After church, we had a lunch reception back at our house, and Sarah gave me her gift of a year subscription to Food Network magazine (both her and Daddy like me to try new recipes).  My mom (Grammie), also gave me a beautiful heart necklace with Sarah’s name on the heart and her birthstone (aquamarine).  We ended the day with the Survivor finale party at Grammie & Grandpa’s house.


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