Sarah: 3 Months

I can hardly believe Sarah is already three months old.  Time seemed to fly before having her…now it feels like we are in warp speed.  I truly have no idea where the first half of this year has gone!

SIZE:  We don’t have an official weigh-in this month since we didn’t have a doctor’s appointment, but according to the not-super-accurate bathroom scale method of weighing myself first, then while holding her and subtracting to find the difference, she is about 12-13 pounds.  She fits comfortably in 3-month clothes, but there’s definitely some room for growth before we’re putting her in 6-month stuff.  We just made her cloth diapers larger this week – 2 in the waist and 5 in the legs (on the smallest snaps).  It’s amazing to look at her newborn photos and see how different she looks and how much she’s grown!

DEVELOPMENT:  Sarah loves to smile – a lot!  Her head and neck are really strong and she’s getting better at tummy time too.  Just this past week she’s started pushing herself up on her arms, but there’s lots of work to do there still.  She does spin herself in circles and scoots on her tummy by kicking her legs.  She is fascinated by her hands and plays with them and tries to put her entire hand in her mouth – both at the same time!  She has also discovered her bottom lip and sucks on that frequently.  Sarah has become Miss Talkative, babbling and cooing and will sometimes even have a “conversation” with us where she “says” something, waits for a response, and then responds.  It’s very cute.  She is also tracking people across the room really well – and not just with her eyes.  Her head whips around now, especially when she hears something she’s interested in.  She did discover how comforting sucking her thumb is while we were taking her 13 week picture.  Aunt Cassie would be so proud!

PERSONALITY:  She’s a pretty happy baby.  She rarely fusses or cries unless she wants something (mainly when she’s hungry).  She does “whine” when she’s tired though.  I actually find it kind of funny to listen to, especially when she’s falling asleep in her car seat in the car as the whines get further and further apart until she’s sleeping.

LIKES:  Many of the things she liked last month, she still enjoys now – her swing and mobile, having her diaper changed, watching the TV…and there are some new things we’ve discovered she likes too.  She loves to lay on the floor and watch the ceiling fan at Grammie & Grandpa’s house (well, pretty much anywhere).  She also likes to play with her burp clothes, especially the ones that have lace or ribbon sewed on the ends.  However, this fascination does not extend to her Taggies blanket, which is much softer and more colorful!

DISLIKES:  I really can say there’s much that Sarah that dislikes.  Other than tummy time, which is still somewhat of a struggle, Sarah is a pretty content baby.  Oh, and getting shots…she’s not a fan of that, but she only cries for about 10-15 seconds and then she’s fine.

EATING:  Eating is going well through the transition of me going back to work and having to pump and do the whole bottle thing during the day.  She is a good eater for John during the day and still eats well at night for me.

SLEEPING:  Like eating, sleeping is going well too.  She is still sleeping through the night with rare exception, going to sleep around 10:00 or 10:30 and waking up around 8:30 or so.  She’s been doing great in the cradle and is all but outgrown it.  We’ll be moving her to a crib in the next couple of weeks, though I’m torn about whether to move her to her own room or set the crib up in ours.  I’m sure she probably doesn’t care all that much, but it’s a big step for Mom!  She often falls asleep on her back at night, but I usually find her rolled onto her side in the morning with her head tilted back (she’s always done this uncomfortable looking position while sleeping).  Naps are still hit or miss and she doesn’t have a real “schedule” yet of when she takes her naps.  Hopefully this month she’ll get into more of a predictable pattern.

OUTINGS/CELEBRATIONS:  Like last month, we had a very busy month!  I went back to work on May 21 and John is at home with her for six weeks.  It’s been an interesting adjustment!  We attended two friends’ birthday parties, celebrating Eleanor’s first birthday (my high school friend’s daughter) in May and JP’s second birthday (from our Bible Study) in June.  She also met much of the Favello extended family at a BBQ for relatives visiting from Utah, including her second cousin who is just a few weeks older.  Sarah also had her first experience away from both Mom and Dad while we celebrated my birthday at Medieval Times (Grammie babysat).  She also spent her first full day with Grammie while Dad worked with Grandpa (a trial run for when Dad goes back to work in July).  This month was also my 30th birthday, which we didn’t do anything special for – just dinner with most of my family.  Sarah and Dad got me a reflector for my photos and a bag of peanut M&Ms (yum!).  This isn’t really much of a celebration, but we experience a fairly minor earthquake yesterday – the first I’ve felt since we’ve lived in this house.  It was a short one and Sarah slept through it all!

I love watching her grow and change from month to month and being able to experience new things with a her…even routine things are so different when you have a baby to bring along!