365 Project

I have always loved photography and I’ve been told I’m pretty decent at it, but I’ve always struggled with photographing my everyday life…going out and shooting just because.  Most of my photography was  related to family activities and events.  I didn’t shoot artistically or just because I can very often.

I heard of the 365 project in mid-2009.  It sounded intriguing, though at the time, I was planning a wedding and starting a new job and trying to make a commitment to take a photo every day seemed unrealistic.

So, once January 1, 2010 rolled around and I had settled into married life and the routine of my job, I was ready to take on the challenge of taking at least one photo every day.  This project not only forced me to really look at the beauty of my everyday surroundings and hone my photographic skills, but also reignited my love of artistic photography again!

Once I completed the one photo a day challenge in 2010, I wanted to try something a bit different for 2011. It was difficult to get at least one photo each and every day. I discovered a new version of the 365 photo challenge that only requires you to complete a list of 365 items during the year. They don’t necessarily have to be taken one per day. So, that’s my challenge for 2011!

I welcome you to witness my journey from this year…in both words and photos.

Check out my 365 Project photos by choosing “365 Project” under “Categories” in the sidebar.

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