My Bucket List

Visit all 50 states (31/50)
Arizona (1995)
California (1982) – I have lived here my whole life!
Colorado (6/16)
Connecticut (10/12)
Delaware (7/99)
Florida (11/02)
Hawaii (4/85)
Idaho (11/98)
Illinois (4/00)
Iowa (5/10)
Kansas (7/02)
Maine (10/12)
Maryland (7/99)
Massachusetts (10/12)
Minnesota (5/12)
Missouri (7/02)
Nebraska (5/10)
Nevada (10/04)
New Hampshire (10/12)
New Mexico (6/16)
New Jersey (7/97)
New York (3/06)
Oregon (11/98)
Pennsylvania (7/97)
Rhode Island (10/12)
South Dakota (5/10)
Texas (11/02)
Utah (6/16)
Vermont (10/12)
Washington (10/13)
Wyoming (6/10)

Visit Italy
Visit Australia
See the Great Pyramids
Visit Machu Picchu
See the Grand Canyon (COMPLETED 02/10)
Visit all 21 California missions (3/21)
See Mount Rushmore (COMPLETED 06/10)
Visit the Grand Old Opry/Nashville
Take a road trip on Route 66
Go on an Alaskan Cruise
Visit the Holy Land
Visit the Great Wall of China
Go to 6 continents – all except Antarctica (2/6)
Visit Four Corners (COMPLETED 6/16)
Visit all US National Parks (8/59)
Arches (6/16)
Badlands (6/10)
Bryce Canyon (6/16)
Canyonlands (6/16)
Capitol Reef (6/16)
Grand Canyon (2/10)
Sequoia (6/04)
Zion (6/16)

Visit all Disney Parks across the globe (2/12)
Disneyland (early 1980s)
California Adventure (early 2000s)

Own a home (COMPLETED 3/29/11)
Become a mom (COMPLETED 3/14/12)
Write my autobiography
Read through the Bible – once chronologically, once cover-to-cover (0/2)
Be debt-free
Maintain my body at a size 12 or smaller
Research my family tree, tracing back to at least my great-grandparents
Create photo books for each year since being married
Complete wedding scrapbook

Run a marathon
Go to an NFL game (COMPLETED 10/10)
Go to a UCS football game at the Coliseum

Go on a helicopter ride
Be in Times Square for New Years
Camp out overnight at the Rose Parade
Ride the top 10 roller coasters in the US
See the Northern Lights
Attend an Olympic competition
Spend the night in a castle

Watch every movie that has won a Best Picture Oscar
Make a list of 100 “must read” books and read them

Create a website
Complete a 365 photo project (COMPLETED 12/31/10)
Sell one of my photographs
Photograph Yosemite



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