You may notice a few extra posts around here from now on.  I’ve decided to merge my 365 Photo blog with this one. It will be easier to manage and I’m hoping I’ll be able to stay on top of my blogs a little better!

Plus, there are some other changes in the works for me that I’m getting ready to introduce that will benefit from making my personal blogs more streamlined.

Stay tuned!


1.4.11: Plastics

This is Mikayla. She is the daughter of one of my college roommates that we have the pleasure of babysitting every so often! I had to use the flash on this one because there wasn’t enough light in the room, but she’s still so cute chewing on a plastic toy!

1.4.11: White

Tuesday is our weekly women’s Bible study at work, and every week one of the small groups brings snacks and decorates the table. I love taking photos of the elements they use on these gorgeous tables. This past week the group created a “winter wonderland.”

1.3.11: Exhibit

I’m working on adding a photo gallery to my dad’s website and went to take a few photos of some more recent work he’s done at a local country club golf course. This image is a great exhibit of the work he does (custom cabinetry)!