June 24

This is a semi-staged photograph and I’m less than thrilled with the coloring, but I just LOVE their expressions.  We were taking some photos for some brochures we’re doing for some fall events and I let them just talk and laugh as I snapped photos. This is my favorite (though unusable for a brochure) because it’s so authentic!


June 23

Remember those flowers from a week or so ago?  The ones from my sister’s bathroom?  Well, I think they’re worth another look because I think they look just as beautiful in this stage as they do in full bloom!

June 22

We are on summer break from Tuesday morning Bible Study, but decided to surprise the ladies with a special game day get together.  I shot this image while they were worshipping at the beginning of the morning.  They were singing “His Banner Over Me is Love.”

June 21

I know you’ve all met Jillian before, but she’s just so dang cute and photogenic that I had to use this picture of her for today.  I normally don’t like photos that utilize flash, but this one isn’t too bad!

June 20

Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!  In honor of MY dad, I had to include his photo for today.  He loves watching TV and movies.  This photo is him sitting in his chair (no one else is allowed to sit in it when he’s there – John’s jealous and can’t want to have his “man of the house” recliner) enthralled in something on the TV.

June 18

I think you’ve met most of the pets in my family’s life, but I don’t think I’ve introduced Mushu yet.  She’s my parents’ cat and is very particular (what cat isn’t?).  I took this photo while she was sitting in a laundry basket of clean clothes that was sitting on my parents’ bed when we were over there for dinner.